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About Us

Innov8 Group, UAE's leading commercial design and build, refurbishment and fit out specialists. We are here to help you create a better working place.

Being an independent company of interior design in Dubai, we strive to create an inspiring and innovation corporate working place for corporate end users, retailers and developers.

Innov8 Group has built up an impressive portfolio of multinational and local clients based in Dubai and throughout the Middle East. This has involved us in a diverse range of workplace-related projects across a broad spectrum of industries.

Our dedicated team of professionals applies international expertise combined with local knowledge to every project, regardless of size or budget; the objective being to ensure that every client brief, no matter how complex, is interpreted into flexible, durable and cost-effective design solutions, on time and within budget.

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Innov8 Group, guarantees to achieve excellence in every aspect of delivering interiors solutions. We aim to deliver innovation and commitment in producing functional commerical places that encourage success and help people focus on achieving their goals.

We strive to create environments that inspire, empower and revolutionize the lives, workplaces and recreations of humanity. We aim to contribute significant value, not only to our clients but also to our employees and our community, through continual innovation, sustainable development and global best practice.

Over the past several years we have gathered extensive resources for green interior design while establishing a strong network of trades-people, builders, and fabricators who share our vision. We endeavor to combine our love of design and our desire to help others live life more beautifully with our strong commitment to the environment.

Our word is our bond which shall not be broken.

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Innov8 Group commits to offer the highest level of interior design, project standards and practice in the industry. To achieve this, our team of qualified, trained and experienced professionals, we strive to understand and deliver effective, sustainable, innovative commercial design solutions for any clients in total synergy with their corporate standards, requirements and needs.

We also have an extensive qualitative relationship with many suppliers, manufacturers, vendors, subcontractors and consultants that has helped us in every step that we take to achieve a substantial result.

Innov8 Group has obtained accreditations from the country’s most respected institutions. But what do all these letters and symbols mean to you and your business? Simple. That, whatever office interior problem you may have, you know you can approach us first and we’ll be qualified to help. And that’s official.

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For the majority of our fit-out projects, Innov8 Group's Design Department provides key staffs within our Design Team supported by Innov8 Group Administration Resources to deliver a full design package for the client. Furthermore, our project manager assumes responsibility for the project towards finalisation of the concept design stage, ensuring a seamless transition phase to pre-construction.

Design Manager

The Design Manager ensures that all design facets of the project including the Client’s aims and objectives are achieved.


Responsible to the Design Manager for execution of client design parameters. The Architect reports directly to the Design Manager and Project Manager ensuring that all drawings are prepared accurately and in the format to be accepted by statutory authorities.

3D Visualizer

Responsible for completing detailed 3D perspectives.

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For the majority of our fit-out projects Innov8 Group provides key staff supported by Innov8 Group Administration Resources.

Project Director

The Project Director ensures that all facets of the project including the Client’s aims and objectives, timely delivery budget targets are achieved.

Project Manager

Responsible to the Project Director, Clients and Stakeholders. The Project Manager reports directly to the Project Director, Clients and Stakeholders and ensures that all costs, contracts and documentation is prepared in such a manner that the Client is protected before, during and after completion of the project.

Construction Manager

Responsible for the site supervision, coordination and timely progress of subcontractor work, reporting regularly to the Project Manager. ensures quality and integrity is maintained to exemplerary standards.

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Why Choose US

    Leaders in Design

    The team carries over 10 years experience in design and contracting market. Numerously worked on the design and handover for various commercial and retail projects all over the UAE.

    We’re 40% faster, 15% cheaper

    That’s how many clients described us and that is what we promise to deliver to you.

    One Stop For All

    Everything from workplace appraisals and design to implementation and beyond. No random suppliers. No conflicting timelines or fluctuating costs. Everything is under one roof and one budget – yours.

    One Job, One Contract

    We give you one dedicated contact for the whole process. Your very own project manager. Any problems, your contact takes care of them; leaving you free to get on with the rest of your job.

    National reach, local touch

    No office in the UAE is beyond our inspirational reach. And our size and experience mean we know the best suppliers in any region and can offer consistency in design and price if you have offices around the country.

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Corporate Structure and Affiliations